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Defatted Soya Flakes Toasted (Mesh Size: 5-18)

Soya Flakes are the primary derivatives of de-oiled soybeans. They make excellent raw material for many products. They are used in the Poultry Industry. They are also used in pharmaceuticals, shrimp feed and sauce making. Our flakes are well established in the Far East for their excellent protein content.


·         Packing: In 20Kg and 50Kg

·         Weight in 20Ft 19.00Mt

·         Delivery: Ready

·         Bags: PP Bags

Why Our Soybean Flakes?

·         Cholesterol free

·         Low in fat

·         Highly digestible

·         Free from contaminants

Health Benefits

·         Influences functioning of heart

·         Lowers blood cholesterol

·         Helps bowel movement in human body

·         Reduces risks of cancer

·         Prevents breast cancer

·         Rich Source Of

·         Dietary fiber

·         Vitamin B

·         Omega 3- fatty acids



Product: Defatted Soya Flakes Toasted



52% Min.


10% Max.


1.00% Max.


3.50% Max.

Acid Insoluble Ash

0.30% Max.

Total Ash

6.50 % Max.


8.00 % Min.

Nitrogen Soluble Index ( NSI)

15 % Min.

Mesh Size

Min.95% Pass through 05-18 Mesh

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